24pcs Pad Eye Turnbuckle Snap Hook Screw with Wall Plug Shade Sail Accessories f – US$10.06


Material: 304 stainless steel

Process: Stamping

Size: As shown in the picture 
24pcs Pad Eye Turnbuckle Snap Hook Screw with Wall Plug Accessories for Rectangle or Square

Quantity: 1 set



Made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, the surface is round and lustrous, which can prevent corrosion and rust in a humid environment.

The design of the solid structure: greatly enhances the bearing capacity of the product, and is safe and reliable to use.



This item is a set of fitting kits for the shade sail.

M5 Rhombus Pad Eye is used to create a mounting point on the building or a tree.

M5 CC Turnbuckle is used to tension the rope.

M5 Snap Hook is used to attach the corner of the sail to a mounting point.

Self-Tapping Screw is used to fix the pad eye on the building or a tree.



One set for a piece of Triangle Shade Sail


Package included:

4x M5 Rhombus Pad Eye

2x M5 CC Turnbuckle

2x M5 Snap Hook

16x Self-Tapping Screw with Wall Plug


More Details:

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