ANCEL A202 OBD Driving Computer Speedometer Digital Display Car Coolant Temperature Gauge

1. Shift reminder function.

2. You can choose gasoline and diesel vehicles.

3. Average hourly fuel consumption and fuel consumption function.

4. Fault code reading, the removal.

5. The OLED blue display, high brightness.

6. Engine displacement set, more precise fuel consumption.

7. The brake performance test function.

8. OBD Plug-and-Play, easy to install.


Operating voltage: 10-18V DC

Operating Current: <80mA

Current sleep: <15mA

Operating Temperature: -20 ~ 8 C

Product volume: 90mm * 60mm * 70mm

Display: 2.4 Inch

Resolution: 220 * 180

Hardware Product Features:

CORTEX-M3 32-bit ARM CPU, with 72 mhz maximum operating frequency, supporting various high-speed automotive communication protocols

Package Included:
1 X Speedometer 

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