Elegant All Copper Rabbit Bunny Swarovski Crystal Eyes A Grade Refined Brass PVD – US$74.19


Product Name: All Copper Rabbit Mascot

Material: Refined Copper

Color: Gold Yellow

Dimension: As The Picture Shown


1. Copper Rabbit Mascot

Give your happiness and joy to family, lover, children and friends, blessings and gathering in every ordinary single day.


2. PVD Gold Plating Surface, Noble & Elegant

PVD gilding process is applied on the surface of the crystal copper rabbit, with brilliant color, soft and smooth touch feeling, delicate and exquisite workmanship, highlighting its distinctive elegance.


3. One Piece Refine Brass Construction, Hand Polishing

Select the special grade A fine brass and adopt the integral molding technology, the surface polishing is all done by hand. Every detail of the copper rabbit is as clever, as fine, as exquisite as possible.

4. Swarovski Crystal Eyes, Melancholy Shining Moonlight

Crystal copper rabbit is clever, also melancholy, is lovely, also restrained. From different angles, you can observe different moods and feelings. Crystal copper rabbit just looks like living thing. Swarovski crystal eyes are the stand-out pieces of little copper rabbit, just like the bright and shining moonlight.


5. Minimalist Style, Spiritual Cute

Rabbit is a kind of docile, lovely and lively animal, has been a delight to people since ancient times. This crystal copper rabbit fully shows the cute image of being cute, spanine and melancholy. It is skillfully sublimated by minimalism thinking and created with exquisite craftsmanship just like a legend.


6. Suitable for Different Spaces & Environments

Suitable for use as a study paperweight, office pressure relieve gadget, or bedroom decorations ornaments. The crystal copper rabbit is simple and easy to use, clever appearance, improve spatial style and happiness.


Package Included:
1 x Copper Rabit Mascot

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