Machifit SBHA20-20/25/32 CNC Lathe Inner Diameter Auxiliary Tool Holder Tool sle – US$39.42

Machifit SBHA20-20 / SBHA20-25 / SBHA20-32 CNC lathe inner diameter auxiliary tool holder tool sleeve inner hole guide sleeve


Type turning tool
Model SBHA series
Material GCR15
Structural type integral type
Whether coating coating
Machine tool lathe
Specification 1# SBHA20-20
2# SBHA20-25
3# SBHA20-32

1. The center of the tool is fixed, which saves the trouble of traditional gasket searching.
2. Use the tool holder to increase stability and improve the feed speed and cutting amount.
3. It is convenient to disassemble and install quickly, and can install straight shank tool bar, taper shank connecting rod,
    center drill, Ming drill, U drill and twist drill together with the tool sleeve.

Package Included:
1 X Tool Holder

More Details:

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