Orico DS200C3 Type-C Dual-Bay 3.5inch Hard Drive Enclosure Magnetic-type HDD SSD Docking Station


1. Brand: Orico

2. Model: DS200C3

3. Material: ABS

4. Supported Capacity: Total 20TB, 10TB Single Disk

5. Color: Black

6. Output Interface: USB3.1 Type-C

7. Speed: USB3.1 Gen1 5Gbps (Theoretical Speed)

8. Power Supply: 12V4A

9. Indicator: Blue LED Indicator

10. Supported System: For Windows/Mac/Linux

11. Dimension: 140*90*185mm


1. Different from the ole mechanical door, this enclosure is in magnetic structure, which allows you to install the HDD in 3s, more convenient and not easy to break down.

2. Total capacity of 20TB, fully meet the needs of the enterprises.

3. Supports UASP acceleration, saving the time cost of data transmission.

4. With 12V 4A independent power supply, provides strong power for large data exchange.

Package Included:

1 * Orico DS200C3 Type-C Dual-Bay 3.5inch Hard Drive Enclosure 

1 * Power Adapter

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