9 Style French Curve Sewing Tool Sew Drawing Template Ruler Kit for Dressmaking – US$23.39

Triangle ruler, button ruler, curve ruler, sleeve arm size, clothing size and other 
sizes, is very suitable for clothing load reduction, art painting, etc.
The scale is clear, durable, high accuracy, good flexibility.
Line detail and clear, high accuracy, is the ideal tool for manual cutting plate making
Widely used, suitable for drawing, cutting, plate and other clothing design
Applications:Drawing, clothing
Package included:
9pcs Design Ruler&1pcs other tool
1.6501 clothing ruler
2.3250 multifunction curve ruler
3.3220 triangle ruler
4.50cm Serpentine ruler
5.6301 arm sleeve ruler
6.3245 multifunction cutting ruler
7.54cm multi-functional ruler(Metric)
8.3231 comma ruler
9.6403 Button ruler

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