Drillpro T1 Woodworking Safety Hand Protection Sawdust Push Stick For Carpentry – US$5.84

Drillpro safety V-type wood saw push sticks T1 fit for carpentry table working blade router woodworking hand tools.

Model: T1
Type: Table Saw Push Stick
Material: ABS
Color: Yellow
Length: 280mm
Width:  130mm
Application: Table saws, radial saws, shapers and jointers.

– Sturdy solid ABS body construction for durability. Yellow color for increased visibility of push stick during use.
– Provides additional control for narrow pieces with support from the practical push stick.
– Featuring an ergonomic and effective handle-design that provides a comfortable and steady grip throughout the cutting process.
– Guides wood while sawing and cutting, safe and convenient to run stock on router table, shaper, table saw, or jointer
– Keeps your hands and fingers safe and prevents kickbacks, ensuring the safety and protection of professional and hobby woodworkers.


Package Included:
1 x Push Stick

More Details: 

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