MACHIFIT 10pcs WT16 W08 Clamping For W-type Turning Tool Holder CNC Milling Cutt – US$6.53

MACHIFIT 10pcs WT16 clamping fit for W-type turning tool holder accessories, W08 spare part fits for CNC cutting tool holder.

Model: #1: W08, #2: WT16
Material: High carbon steel
Shape: Square
Type: Square type pressure plate
Scope of application: CNC Turning tool accessories, pressure plate

1. High hardness :12.9 grade high hardness, anti-torsion and explosion-proof.
2. Corrosion resistance: the product has high accuracy and is resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion.
3. Fixed blade: pressure plate can effectively reduce the loss of your cutter. Convenient operation, simple and convenient.

Package Included:
10 x Clamping

More Details:

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