Mixza Year of the Dog Limited Edition U1 32GB Memory Card with DM SD-T2 Card Converter


U1 32GB memory card for MP3, mobile phone, cameras
Year of the Dog Limited Edition, a perfect present for your friends born in the Year of the Dog

With reading speed up to 80MB/s, you will be able to edit, store, and share your photos faster than before
Plenty of capacity holds thousands of photos, MP3s or other data you have
Powerful protective functions: Water resistant, heat resistant and cold resistant can effectively protect your data
Compatible for TF card to SD card, make your micro memory card into a full-sized card

Can be used in any devices that has SD card slot like camera, laptop

Support FAT32, exFAT formats

TF card capacity supported up to 2TB 

Size: L x W x H / 31.9 x 21.9 x 2.2mm

Package Included:

1 x Mixza Year of the Dog Limited Edition U1 32GB TF Card
1 x DM Card Converter 


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