12V 4.8W 37-520 High Torque Reducer AB Dual Phase Hall Encoder DC Motor for Smart Car DIY Part


The 37-520 motor comes with a high-precision magnetic encoder and equipped with a Hall encoder. It has the characteristics of high precision and strong anti-interference ability. It is the best choice for DIY balance car.

Motor parameters:

– Rated voltage: 12V
– Rated power: 4.8W
– Motor type: permanent magnet brush
– Stall current: 2.8A
– Blocking torque:
– Rated current: 360mA
– Rated torque:
– Original speed: 11000rpm
– Reduction ratio: 1:30

Regrading the code disk speed measurement:

If there is a deviation, the code disk can measure the speed in time to ensure that the speed of the two motors of the car is consistent.

Code disk parameters:

– 22 pole magnetization;
– AB phase incremental Hall encoder;
– The wheel turns one turn and outputs 330 complete pulses;
– Highly support DIY high-precision balance trolley;

Package List:

1 x 37-520 motor
1 x motor line


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