3KW Parking Heater Diesel Fuel Heater Car Heater For Car Truck

1. Fuel air heater with low power consumption, low fuel consumption, low noise characteristics.
2. Can be applied to almost all commercial vehicles to give you a warm winter.
3. Can be a long time to the cab heating, so by the user's favor.


Model: 817734
Color: Black
Materials: ABS plastic
Power: 3KW
Voltage: 12V/24V
Size: 347*124*130mm

Package Included:
1 X Diesel Air Heater
1 X Oil Pump
1 X Digital Switch
1 X Oil Pump
1 X Oil Pipe
1 X Inlet Air Pipe
1 X Exhaust Pipe
1 X Oil Suction Pipe
1 X Gasket
5 X Nut
6 X Screw
8 X Nylon Cable Ties
16 X Clip

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